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Aanand Nafday

2018-02-14 14:20:04

Is there any way to calm the fire when it comes to consume all? Yes there is. Walk into the fire with brevity and see how it succumbs before man’s courage. This is not merely a statement, but a fearless action taken by three men, risking their own lives. They entered into the fire, saving the lives of 48 innocent children, on 23 November 2017 in M Y Hospital, Indore. Before the fire engulfed all and sundry in the emergency ward of the hospital, three youths broke open the glass doors of the ward and freed the innocent children from the furious fire. Witnessing this, the other employees of the hospital as well came to their rescue. Dinesh Soni, Ramesh Verma and Gajendra Rasile were the three volunteers of the sewa project run for the patients with no family or anybody to look after. This project is run by Sewa Bharati, Malwa, in the hospital premises, since last three years, to assist the helpless and poor patients. It takes care of every step from their diagnoses to treatments. The project makes sure that not a single unassisted patient is left without any treatment.
When the horrifying incident of 23rd November is thought of, Gajendra Rasile becomes emotional. When he sensed that the chaos is approaching, he immediately ran towards the ward with two friends. As soon as they reached there, the screams of the scared children were heard. Patients started panicking in fear. On observing such a situation of emergency, these brave young men without even blinking their eye lids, entered the ICU, shattered the glass windows and slowly succeeded in transferring all the 48 children, away from the fury of fire.
The Project Manager, Shri Mahendra Jain, says that all the volunteers engaged with this project are always helpful and caring towards the unassisted patients. They feel that this same attitude of ‘considering others pain as ours’ has encouraged them to fight this fire. The project also provides an ambulance which reaches every nook and corner of Indore to attend to injured persons, 24 hrs a day. Under this project, all those patients who have been left as destitute are taken care of with utmost regard. And hence, this service hosted by Sewa Bharati stands as yet another example of selflessness.
Cont. Name – Mahendra jain.
Cont. No.- 9425053953.