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Resurrection After Devastation Angels In Kedarghati

Vedricha Rathore

2017-07-01 12:48:05

These youngsters jumped off a helicopter and took to built a helipad. They didn’t bother about their own lives. Later they built helipads in Rambada, Jungle Chatti and behind the KEdarnath temple, with help from Sangh team members. They did not just stop at this but went on to rescue people stuck in Rambada, Ghodapadav and Gaurikund with the help of helicopter. At some places they even had to climb down from as high as 50 feet with arope to reach to people and rescue them. They did everything to rescue people which a soldier does after heavy army training. These youngsters continued extending help even when told otherwise by their employer Pinnacle Aviation Company.

 Ganesh Agoda is another such person who did not hesitate in going an extra mile to help a heart patient by carrying him on his shoulder and walking for 6 km from Manjgav to Maneri.

 Sangh volunteers have always stood by tourists in Kedardham in tough times. They made available clothes and food from relief camps to 68 villages in Maneri, Bhyodand (Near Ukhimath). Ten thousand tourists visiting the pilgrim were supplied food. In Dikhol, twenty thousand people   were supplied with relief goods. Relief camps kept operating in Chamoli and Dikhol for several days, providing meals to everyone who was in need, including army soldiers. Sangh continued o provide relief services through Uttarakhand Natural Disaster Committee. The floods had wrecked havoc everywhere in the Kedar Valley. People had lost their homes and jobs, all at the same time. The committee came into action from the moment when there was no ray of hope. According to Rajesh Badakoti, Association Minister of the Committee, two hundred children orphaned in the floods,between the age 6 to 12 years, have been rehabilitated in 4 hostels located in Nethwad, Laksheshwar, Koti Colony and Guptkashi. Solar lamps have been distributed in villages where there is still no electricity. A hundred children from these villages are getting a scholarship amount of Rs 1000 per month, as an educational aid. Medical centres are running in eight villages including Ushada and Syanatti. Widows and unemployed youth are being provided assistance through stitching and computer labs. There are four children nurseries and eight children sacramental centres being operated in Kedarghati. There is a hospital with thirty beds constructed to provide almost free healthcare facilities to the flood victims. The committee is still working to rehabilitate those who were devastated during the calamity.