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Founder of Kalaptaru Sh. Siddinath Singhji inspecting the work progress at Kalaptaru

Women from rural area learning sewing machine skills at Kalaptaru

Success Stories

Yes You Can

Veda Kulkarni

2017-11-28 16:31:55

Education is not limited to mere classroom knowledge. It’s not just about alphabets, numbers and the grades you got in exams! It’s actually much more beyond that! This core belief put forward by Poorvi Kshetra Sanghachalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and all India President of Rashtriya Sewa Bharati, Shri. Siddhanath Singh brought about tremendous efforts to establish the centre “Kalpataru” providing skills training and practical knowledge.

This establishment, situated about 25 kms from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, stood as a symbol of motivation to those backbenchers who were too afraid of Math and English, and who were unable to earn respect because of the failure.The hidden, undiscovered talents of these students were brought to notice here. “Kalpataru” helps them creake a successful, independent yet respectful life.

Let’s know the story of Ramchandra Singh from Antara village of district Sonbhadra. This child from a farmer’s family was continuously regarded as worthless. As he failed the high school, all hopes of a bright future were lost. Then he got in touch with Kalpataru, which was marked as a beginning of a totally different life. He completed welding and machine making course there and on this date, while working as a master welder, earns about 40,000 a month. Ramchandra, whose parents were living with broken dreams and relatives who made it worse by taunting, today lives a life of his dreams!

Kalpataru works on the theme of ‘earn while learn’. This lets students earn for income simultaneously as they study the course. The duration of courses is about 2 years with the fees of 15000 per year. The students start earning more than what they have paid as fees, as they work on different plants while pursuing the course. This peculiarity of Kalpataru makes it better than many.

The village named Baful Hafua, which is known for conflicts and disputes, was positively changed by means of Kalpataru. 22 students of this village joined Kalpataru, were well educated there and now are placed in countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc. They are living a decent life.

Alim Ansari and his 10 friends had failed an inter exam. When they joined the fitters’ course in Kalpataru, they were not even in a condition of passing a 3 years’ program. But the scenario was changed and brought to success by Kalpataru. Today, all of them are working with a well known company in Oman and earning well.

One day came when there remained almost no failed students in the vicinity. Then, Kalpataru opened its doors for graduate students as well. Moreover, keenness to gain practical knowledge attracted many engineers to the centre. Once joined for academic and practical purposes, Shri. Aditya Singh became an integral part of Kalpataru. He tells that, what he could not learn during the course of engineering was imprinted on mind here. He is now associated with Kalpataru as a teacher. He says he does not wish to go blind behind earning money, and what he earns here is satisfactory and cannot be gained anywhere else. More than that, he is highly satisfied with his job and all the aspects of it.

DNP, Welding, Fitter mechanic, electronic fitting are the industry friendly courses taught here. These programs have guaranteed employment opportunities. In addition to these, organic farming, compost fertilizers production, earthworm fertilizers production, production of insecticides from Goumutra and mushroom farming are also taught. Kalpataru also gives sewing training to the localite women and helps them in product marketing.

Sanjeet ji, the principal of Kalpataru and also a Sangh Swayamsevak tells that, the institute has also created tie-ups with different companies in order to place trained students. He also proudly says that, students who once join Kalpataru, forever stay a part of it. He has experienced that after the 4-5 successful passed out batches, there were no remaining failed students in the locality. And that is the success of Kapataru!

In such broadened ways of thought, Kalpataru has been helping students to look up to their bright future and taking education beyond the fixed definition!