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We come across many people who criticise and comment on the evils of society and fellow citizens. They blame the government for the lack of development in the remote areas of our country even after seven decades of freedom. Social media, Television News Channels, News Papers hold numerous discussions on the plight of these regions. But there are very few people who actually pledge and take action actions for the betterment of the society. Their efforts can be realised in several aspects of societal life. They have sacrificed their own happiness to bring back smiles on saddened faces and not even have tried to gain lime light in the media. Their efforts can only be appreciated by those who have witnessed the change.

Leprosy is a disease about which there are several myths in our society. This disease turns the life of the affected people and their family members into hell. The credit for eradication of leprosy from a few areas and rehabilitation of the cured persons goes to those people, more than the government, who have helped and worked for giving leprosy victims new hopes for life and have strived to make them self sufficient. Respected Katre Giruji is one such person who has carried out a motivational task in Champa region of Chhattisgarh. Many people have taken great efforts to help boost self respect and create harmony among divided societies. People who had left their native places in search of employment have also been benefited to lead a respectful life. Efforts have been made to deal with the problems posed by global warming and for the preservation of biological diversity. People who once lived hellish life in the labour colonies of cities have been helped to live respectful life. The ones who lacked the confidence of leading a happy life are now empowered and are helping those facing problems.

Many such people who have dedicated their lives for the betterment of mankind truly deserve our attention. Among such persons, is Shri Nanaji Deshmukh who with the help of Deendayal Research Institute helped develope more than five hundred villages and sculpted Chitrakoot district in such a way that it has emerged as a self sufficient, conflict free district that has high percentage of literacy and is completely free from defecation in the open. Shri Ajit Kumar who is associated with the Hindu Seva Pratishthan, is another such name who set an example by bringing a change for good in the remote areas of Karnatak. Dr. Nityanand struggled to materialise the motivativating, environmentally and geographically suitable model for the development of several villages of Uttarakhand that were destroyed by the massive earthquake. Shri Vishnu Kumarji who helped several people living in the labour colonies of cities lead a quality life, with help of Seva Bharti and Shri Ramakant Keshav Deshpande who while protecting the values and enriched customs, nurtured the self respect of tribes and helped them join the mainstream. The efforts and endeavors of such people dedicated to mankind have brought positive changes and have given new directions to the lives of thousands and laks of people. There is a long chain of people like these in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh who have set extraordinary examples before us by truthfully following the legacy of the Sangh Founder, Dr. Hedgewar. This column is an effort to bring into light the names of people dedicated to mankind.