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Weaving the Literacy


When Prakash Radhakrishnam, a little boy of 11 from Chinna Kanchipuram, along with his two brothers Ramesh and Balaji started attending the night classes set up by RSS for poor silk weavers in Kanchipuram town, he had no idea that it was actually not only the turning point in his life but the entire

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A Name that became a synonym for service – Vishnu Kumarji

Shyam Parande

An engineering degree in sugar technology in the decade of 1950s, a joining letter from Hindustan Aircraft Limited – what could have been a better career opening for a young man at 23 ? Perhaps the dreams of this seventh child of the prosperous Rajoria Family of Akkirampur, about 90 km from Bengaluru – were quite different from the rest of the world. He wished to serve the poor and needy persons residing in slums to improve their living standard, he wished to provide a respectable home and life to children abandoned on the streets. Thus, in 1962 when Vishnu Rajoria sought his father’s permission “Shri Anant Rajauria ji”to become a Sangh Pracharak – his father understood instantly that his son would never return home.

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Fearless Friends at the Frontiers of Floods!

Subrato Guha

It seemed to be just another pleasant afternoon in Damu Nagar Slum, located in Kandiwali area of India’s business capital Mumbai but in actual it was not of the kind that holds the warmth and brightness within but the one that brought the deadly fire from the Hell to turn the lives of inhabitant of this slum to the ashes. 7th December 2014, around 12:30 noon- A lethal fire broke-out due to an explosion in LPG Cylinder and within no time entire Damu Nagar Slum was in the grip of blazing fire. With the blink of an eye dozens of shanties caught fire followed by several more explosions. People were clueless – no one has any idea about what to do- except just to run towards wherever is the way was available to save oneself from the blistering. In these dreadful moments, when it seemed everything would be turned into the ash, what the Swayamsevaks of RSS did- was indeed the

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