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Nature has wrecked many havocs in our country, while the Gujarat earthquake nearly destroyed everything in Kutch and Anjar, heavy rainfall caused wrecking of homes in Odisha. The nation  witnessed the dire form of the river Kosi in Bihar, and the Kedar Dham getting immersed in flood water. Sangh Swayamsevaks were amongst the first ones to extend help and empathy to devastated people. The Swayam Sevaks did not stop only at this, but offered their service until the construction of helipad and rehabilitation and education of orphaned children. Although Sangh was not born to help people in crisis, the Shakha's sacramental atmosphere and love for the country, teaches Swayamsevaks to be empathetic towards their countrymen.

Every sector of society has cooperated with Sangh, with their full capacity, whether it was the destructive earthquake in Latur, or tsunami in Chennai. While rest of the organisations terminate their helping services right after the crisis is over, and the government doesn't play an active role either, Sangh continues to serve the victims of natural disasters till their rehabilitation. The media always targets the Pro Hindu approach of Sangh but never highlights and appreciates the role played by Sangh. The introductory column of Sewagatha brings forth true stories of people who have taken care of their fellow countrymen in the adverse times. Such people have sowed seeds of faith in wrecked lands, fruits of which shall be reaped by the generations to come.